2021 International Conference on Seismic Mitigation and Intelligent Monitoring of Bridges (ICEISMB 2021) 


      After discussion and decision of the organizing committee:The 4th International Conference on bridge structure earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and engineering innovation will be held on November 21-22, 2021 at Wuhua Hotel, Changsha. The Organizing Committee of the conference sincerely invites experts, scholars and engineering and technical personnel from all over the world to participate in this grand event.

      The purpose of the conference is to promote the scientific development of bridge structure earthquake prevention and mitigation and engineering innovation in China, provide important theoretical and technical support for bridge construction and engineering safety, provide new ideas and new methods for building disaster resilience of infrastructure system, fully demonstrate the latest progress in the field of earthquake and multi disaster prevention, and promote the communication and cooperation of bridge structure design and construction and multi disaster toughness research, teaching, design, production and other fields, and improve the level of bridge structure design and multi disaster prevention theory, test, calculation, design, construction and application.